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The Server Administration topics address global EDG setup, configuration, and maintenance from within the EDG application. For installation and setup of the EDG application server, see Server Installation and Integration.


Access Control

  • Provide Secure Storage Password
  • Rights Management
  • EDG Permissions Management
  • Password Management

Deployment and Export

  • Base URI Management
  • Upload Project
  • Delete Project
  • Send Projects to Another Server
  • Create TriG file of all EDG production graphs
  • Refresh Workspace

System Monitoring

  • Server Information
  • OSGi Bundle Information
  • Memory Management
  • TBL Log

Component Monitoring

  • Process Management
  • Auto-Complete Management
  • Search the EDG Index
  • Text Indices
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Current Ontology Optimization Caches
  • Count Triples
  • Log of SPARQL Function Calls

Development and QA

  • Available Web Services
  • Query TopBraid Platform API using GraphQL
  • Create Snapshot of EDG (e.g., for testing)
  • Restore Snapshot of EDG
  • Run all DASH Test Cases (from *.test.* files)

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