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This topic area covers the administrative functions of the TopBraid Live (TBL) application. In the web-based interface, administrators can access these functions through the Server Administration link in the TBL home view.

Controlling User Access

Users and Security Roles

User authorizations in TBL are ultimately based on a user's identity and/or their affiliation with security roles, both of which are determined via Tomcat authentication. TBL supports two Tomcat installation options for defining users and their security roles. See the TBL Server Installation and Integration documentation for details on either:

  • <TOMCAT>/conf/tomcat-users.xml, a Tomcat-installation configuration file for users' login and roles (see Configuring Authentication).

Rights Management...

Initially, all users will have permissions to all TBL resources and functions via the default assignment of AdministratorGroup to ANY_ROLE. An administrator's initial task should be to use Rights Management to transfer the AdministratorGroup to their organization's defined administrative role(s) and then remove it from ANY_ROLE. See EDG Permissions Management for details.

TopBraid Live — Server Administration

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