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Base URI Management

Displays all projects and all registered graphs in the TopBraid workspace. Each graph will have a base URI (the graph name) and the file name in the project's workspace. If there is more than one file with the same graph name (base URI) a Warning icon will be displayed. Information icons indicate projects and graphs that import missing ontologies not registered in the workspace. These can be ignored if the system is expected to get the graphs form the web using the base URI (graph name).

Project Upload

This menu choice lets you add a project developed elsewhere (for example, a local copy of TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition) to run on this server. The Project Upload page gives you a field to identify the zip file of the project you're uploading. To create the zip file, zip up the project folder within the development machine's workspace, including the .project file created by Eclipse.

Project Delete

This menu choice lets you delete projects from the server. Selecting it lists projects on your server, with Show buttons for each and Delete buttons for projects that are not part of the default installation of your server.

The Show button lists User Applications and User Sessions for that project, and Delete deletes the project.

Refresh Workspace

Refresh workspace rereads the workspace directory an re-registers SPARQLMotion scripts, SPIN functions and templates, and SWP views. If modifications to a file are made outside of TopBraid, i.e. on a file system instead of Export... Deploy on Composer or ProjectUpload on the server then Refresh Workspace will add the file to file registry and register any scripts, templates, and views defined in the file.

Send Project to Another Server

This sends an EDG project, or its selected contents, from the current server to another EDG server. From the listed projects, an administrator can either send an entire project or its selected contents, such as an asset collection's graph-pair (data and teamwork, .tch).

The receiving server's Application data storage configuration must be compatible with the source graphs. For example, if the source is using a relational database (RDBMS), then the receiving server must have a compatible RDBMS configured, presumably to an independent location (optionally in the same database server). If the Also send database triples option is selected, the transfer will also copy the triples from the source data to the destination data. If it is not selected, the database connection files will be transferred but without the triples. This could cause the asset collection(s) to be empty, in which case they might not appear in the users' listing of the corresponding asset collection type(s) (although an administrator could verify their presence via Base URI Management). If the Send UI configurations (etc.) option is selected, then it will send the UI configurations file from; otherwise, the default uiconfig file will be used at that location.

For details of other methods to deploy project to server, please refer to Methods to Deploy Projects to Server.

Create TriG file of all EDG

This function creates a TriG backup file of EDG for an Administrator to save in a secure location off of the server.

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