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Query Management

A report on currently running queries. For each query, this shows an internal ID, the query itself, the source (for example, the server's SPARQL endpoint), and the duration so far.

Auto-Complete Management

This lets an administrator manually rebuild the search indexes used for GUI auto-complete and quick-search fields. This may be (rarely) needed in case an auto-complete gets corrupted due to updates outside of the control of TopBraid, or due to other unforeseen situations.

Scheduled Jobs

This shows the status any active automated EDG services. To develop customized automated services, please contact TopQuadrant Professional Services.

Current Ontology Optimization Caches

This depends on the administrative parameter: ontology optimizations, which is enabled by default (for more information, see Server Administration > Setup - Server Configuration Parameters > Advanced Parameters > Enable Ontology Optimizations. If ontology optimization is enabled, this lists the active caches.

Log of SPARQL Function Calls

This screen lets you start, stop, clear, and refresh the logging of SPARQL function calls, as shown below. This can be especially useful when debugging applications under development.

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