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Backup TopBraid Live

  1. Stop your TBL server, because the backup must occur offline.
  2. Backup your entire workspace, by performing a tar or zip operation on it.
  3. Backup your configured database (TDB, RDBMS, or MarkLogic). Note: This step depends on what persistence store you have configured, e.g., see your RDBMS manufacturer's website for more information. NOTE: Be sure to backup the correct database/schema, as configured for your TBL server per TBL Administration: Configuring the active database type for new asset collections.
  4. Store these two files together offline.
  5. Start TBL backup once all of the above steps have been completed.

Restore TopBraid Live

  1. Stop TBL server.
  2. Locate and delete your current TBL workspace. The workspace location is stored in the web.xml file.
  3. Replace the existing TBL workspace with your backed-up copy.
  4. Restore your database from the backup.
  5. Before starting TBL confirm that your TBL is set up to point at your newly restored database. This can be done by editing  [Workspace]/ and confirming settings, e.g., the URL points at the newly restored database.
  6. Start TBL server.

Backup and Recovery of Supported Relational Databases (RDBMS)

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